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Cop's Body Camera Footage Sparks Controversy After He Takes Down Shoplifter (Video)

Footage from a Florida police officer’s body camera is sparking controversy (video below).

Tiffany Tebo was stopped by deputies outside of Bealls department store in Pasco County on Feb. 19, WTSP reported. She was accused of shoplifting.

In the video, the deputy is heard asking Tebo if she purchased all the items in her bag. He then asks Tebo to put her hands behind her back, but she resists.

The encounter quickly escalates and the deputy forces Tebo to the ground. He is heard repeatedly asking the woman to lie on the ground, but she keeps pleading to pay for the items she stole.

Tebo was left with marks around her neck and she had to get staples in her head.

“I’m all bruised up banged up everywhere,” Tebo told WTSP. “He’s a bigger man. He didn’t need to do any of that.”

Once the deputy places Tebo in handcuffs, he calls an ambulance for her. She is seen bleeding profusely from her head.

“He had a hold of me," Tebo said of the incident. "He could’ve just put handcuffs on me. There was no reason to throw me down to the ground.”

Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco, however, defended the deputy's actions.

“We’re trying to put handcuffs on her, she’s trying to fight,” Nocco said. “I know people will say she’s tiny but a lot of tiny people cause harm.”​

Sources: WTSP, Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Pasco County Sheriff's Office via YouTube

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