Pokemon Go Users Catch Lost Toddler (Video)


While playing Pokemon Go, three teenagers found a lost toddler who needed their help (video below).

After downloading Pokemon Go, Blake Sehlke, Austin Sehlke, and Brendan Buczkowski caught an unexpected surprise while playing the popular game in their neighborhood in Tomball, Texas.

"We were going down to the Pokestop down the road," recalled Blake. "All we see is a kid running around."

"I didn't really think he was supposed to be out on the street by himself, let alone at the age of like 2 or 3," said Brendan.

The child, who appeared to be two or three years old, was wearing pajamas and no shoes.

"We stopped him and asked him, 'Where do you live? Are you OK?'" said Austin, Blake's brother.

Neighbor Jade Morgan stepped in, called 911, and tried to find the child’s home.

"I just started knocking on doors,” Morgan said, reports KHOU. "I didn't know where this little boy [lived] or who he belonged to."

A deputy arrived from Harris County and located the child’s home. According to investigators, the toddler’s father revealed the boy had just learned how to open the back door.

As Pokemon Go increases in popularity, various outlets have warned against the potential dangers of the app, from broken bones to armed robberies, as reported by the Daily Mail.

"When creating these games companies must consider the potential risks to young users and do everything they can to make sure their app doesn’t put them in danger," stated a spokesperson with the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. "Manufacturers can help protect children by giving them safety reminders about privacy and location controls and make it easy for them to report things that worry them."

Although this incident was a complete surprise, the teenagers are glad to have been able to help in the toddler’s time of need.

"There's been a lot of bad things that happen [due to Pokemon Go] and a lot of good things, and this is in that category," Blake said

Sources: KHOU, Daily Mail / Photo credit: KHOU

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