Kids Find Lost Toddler While Playing Pokemon Go


Three Texas boys playing the popular new app Pokemon Go happened to find a lost toddler in their neighborhood.

"We were going down to the Pokestop down the road," Blake Sehlke told KHOU. And that's when he and his friends reportedly found a barefoot 2-year-old still in his pajamas.

"All we see is a kid running around," Blake said.

"I didn't really think he was supposed to be out on the street by himself, let alone at the age of like 2 or 3," said Brendan Buczkowski.

A nearby neighbor stepped in to help find out where the child lived.

"I just started knocking on doors," said Jade Morgan, who called 911. "I didn't know where this little boy or who he belonged to. He's in his little pair of pajamas with no shoes on his feet, concrete is hot.”

Police arrived and eventually found the boy's home. Turns out the toddler just recently figured out how to open the back door and must have wandered out.

Although finding a lost toddler while playing Pokemon Go is a happy incident, the game has been a factor in other media reports of strange and sometimes grim incidents.

On July 8, Wyoming woman Shayla Wiggins was chasing down a Pokemon when she reportedly found a dead body.

“I probably would have never went down there if it weren’t for this game,” the 19-year-old told CNN Money. “But in a way, I’m thankful. I feel like I helped find his body. He could have been there for days.”

Pokemons might be found where life has ended, but they've also been found where life begins.

Texas man Jonathan Theriot found a Pokemon on his wife's bed while she was waiting to get a C-section to give birth.

“As soon as it popped up, I was like, oh my gosh, there’s a Pidgey sitting on your bed!” he told BuzzFeed, referring to one of the names given to types of Pokemons. “So, I screenshotted it, then caught it and showed it to her.” 

Sources: KHOU, BuzzFeed, CNN Money / Photo Credit: Eduardo Woo/Flickr

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