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Three Dogs Attack And Send Boy To Hospital (Photos)

Three dogs attacked a 7-year-old North Carolina boy as he got off his school bus on Sept. 2.

“It’s like time stood still,” said the Noah's mother, Elizabeth Bertrand, recalling the moment she tried shielding her son from the dogs, WJW reports.

Noah had only just gotten off the bus from his school in Charlotte when the group of bull terriers pounced on the boy.

Despite kicking at the dogs and trying to shove them away, she could not protect her son from harm. She also ended up being bitten.

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It was only with the help of neighbors they were able to rescue the child, WSOC reports.

“I told my daughter, 'Call 911,' and I grabbed a broom and hit the ground screaming ‘get out, stop,’” neighbor Chong Winston said.  

Noah was hospitalized with injuries to his face and head. So severe was the attack, he needed emergency plastic surgery.

“He's been very, very brave,” his mother said before adding, “I just pray that people who have pets take the responsibility very seriously."

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Animal control officers said the three dogs belonged to an unidentified owner, who admitted they were loose. The owner surrendered the three dogs to animal control. Authorities are determining what charges to file.

It's not the first dog attack to capture attention in recent weeks, The Telegraph reports.

Dexter Neal, 3, from Halstead, Essex, England was killed after a neighbor's American bulldog, which they'd only had for about a week, bit him to death.

"It was a very big dog with short white fur. It looked like a pit bull," recalls 19-year-old Scott Howell, who witnessed the attack and called the police. "I heard this terrible screaming and thought it was kids playing in the garden, but then I thought this is going on a bit too long."

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"I went to my parents' bedroom window facing the house and that is when I saw the man dragging the dog out," he continued. "Its face was covered in blood. That is when I thought I need to call the police. As I was describing what was happening to the police I saw a woman come out of the house and she was holding a very bloody child in her arms."

Sources: WJW, WSCO, The Telegraph / Photo credit: Johannes Thiel/Visual Hunt

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