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Strip Club Customer May Have Periscoped His Own Murder (Video)

A Florida man may have broadcast his own murder at a strip club on Periscope Feb. 6.

Marvin Lancaster III, 21, shared a video with friends while at the strip club, Club Rayne, WFLA reports.

Lancaster was telling his friends how police had just given him a warning for a traffic violation. A dancer had just yelled at him, telling him to stop fighting, when the phone suddenly dropped to the floor.

Gunfire erupted and Lancaster was killed. Seven others were also shot, with one seriously wounded.

It is unclear who the shooter was.

“We’ve had a lot of leads to follow up on,” added police officer Steve Hegarty.

"There were like 300 people in the nightclub, so we've got a lot of names that have been offered to us," Hegarty said, reports The Huffington Post.  "At this point we're not lacking for leads and tips, but we've not had enough to get a warrant for anyone's arrest."

Police have not yet confirmed the Periscope video was Lancaster’s. A phone number used by the man was connected to the Periscope account that posted the video, however.

"Locally people have been reporting that, [but] we're still investigating things," Hegarty said. "You can reach your own conclusions about what that shows and where that came from."

“We look at every bit of evidence that we can and we are well aware that somebody was using Periscope, which is a way to do social media live. We’re looking at everything that we can,”  he added.

It’s not the first time Periscope has been used in a case involving murder.

In January 2016, a murderer behind bars, Devin Williamson, faced additional charges for creating a Periscope and a GoFundMe account from his cell phone in prison, reports.

Williamson had gained over 3,000 followers on Periscope. He was asking his viewers to raise money to bail him out.

"He killed my brother (Jervarin Mushat) in front of me, his children, my momma, my grandmomma and the rest of my family that was there, and he did it on Christmas Day. Don't nobody need to be supporting a murderer," the outraged victim’s sister, Chiquita Mushat, said.

Police abruptly deactivated the accounts.

Sources: WFLA, The Huffington / Photo Credit: The Daily Mirror

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