Teenager Dragged Out Of Pizza Hut, Stabbed, Raped

A teenage girl suffered a "violent and pre-planned attack," as she was dragged from a restaurant and horribly assaulted.

Around 10:30 p.m. on June 17, a man entered a Pizza Hut restaurant on Waterloo Road in Epsom, Surrey, England, and dragged a 17-year-old out of the establishment. Employees stared in disbelief as a staff member tried to intervene. Unfortunately, he was also assaulted by the man as the suspect left with his victim, according to The Press Association.

The man left the restaurant with the teenager on foot and allegedly brought her to a nearby park, Court Recreation Ground. Police arrested him around 10:50 p.m. and soon after found the victim, who had been stabbed in the stomach and raped. According to Surrey Police, she was taken to St. George’s Hospital, where her condition has been deemed serious, but not life-threatening.

Detective Inspector Nick Chambers said it is believed that the victim and the suspect knew each other, and officials are not searching for anyone else who may be connected to the "horrible ordeal."

"This appears to have been a violent and pre-planned attack which took place in a very public location in the [center] of Epsom," Chambers stated. "Epsom on Friday night is a busy place so I’m sure passers-by and motorists must have seen this incident unfolding and I would like to hear from anyone who saw anything out of the ordinary in or around Pizza Hut or Court Recreation Ground last night."

Chambers also said that the staff member who tried to intervene at the Pizza Hut restaurant that night suffered injuries to his arm that "are not believed to be serious."

The suspect, 32-year-old Costica Voedes of Epsom High Street, is facing numerous charges following the reported attack, including two counts of rape, two counts of wounding with intent, kidnapping, false imprisonment, possession of an offensive weapon, affray, and common assault, as reported by Get Surrey.

He is due to appear at South East Surrey Magistrates Court on June 20.

Sources: The Press Association via Huffington Post, Get Surrey / Photo credit: Google Maps via Huffington Post

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