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One Million Moms Speaks Out Against Kraft Dressings (Video)

Kraft recently launched an ad campaign for their new "Zesty" line of salad dressings. Harmless, one might think. One Million Moms disagrees. To them, the ads are the “most disgusting” thing they’ve seen yet.

We all know the age-old notion that “sex sells.” Usually, we tend to be coerced through advertisements by half naked women. Kraft decided to go another route, perhaps this time targeting a female audience that is bound to be the one buying their dressings.

Clearly, the scheme does not work on everyone. A “Shame on Kraft” insert on the One Million Moms site lashes out against Kraft’s ads with no remorse.

“A full 2-page ad features a naked man lying on a picnic blanket with only a small portion of the blanket barely covering his genitals,” it states. “It is easy to see what the ad is really selling.” 

As referred to by Uproxx, One Million Moms could be considered a group of “crazy Christian fundamentalist wackjobs who spend their lives searching for things to get offended about.” We’re not sure sure about the name-calling, but apparently the group has called out just about everyone who has ventured close to the line between politically correct and just plain vulgar. MSN also refers to the group as an “always-irritable organization.” Uproxx mentions that the group has previously called out “like Geico ads purportedly promoting bestiality, Ryan Murphy’s New Normal, walruses kissing in Skittles ads, the alleged gayness in Marvel comics, Archie comics, and of course, Ellen Degeneres.”

One Million Moms specifically said they  are boycotting the company, opining that "Christians will not be able to buy Kraft dressing until they clean up their advertising."

The group might be notoriously judgmental, but the only message we can gather is simple: dress down to dress up. Oh, and that there are some seriously zesty men out there.

Sources: MSN, One Million Moms, Uproxx


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