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One Man Dead In Traffic Accident, Authorities Find $1 Million Stashed In Burning Vehicle

A mysterious traffic accident in East Texas that left one man dead and $1 million in cash stored in the back of a burned 18-wheeler is currently under investigation by local authorities.

The incident occurred last Tuesday morning. Eric Royster was driving on Interstate 20 when his 18-wheeler mysteriously caught on fire. When he stepped out of his vehicle to check on the fire, he was struck by another 18-wheeler and killed.

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(via The Blaze)

When officials arrived at the scene, they discovered a large amount of cash inside the 18-wheeler. According to KLTV, deputies were able to recover over $300,000. Deputies estimated that another $700,000 was burned in the fire.

There is still no confirmation on what caused the fire.

Authorities are currently searching for any leads that might explain why this 18-wheeler was carrying so much money, where the money was going and to whom the money belonged.

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(via The Blaze)

“It was not money that was being transported as part of the owner’s money or furniture,” Harrison County Sheriff's Office Lieutenant Jay Webb explained to KLTV. “This department, the county and the country would love to find out who’s receiving this money, where it’s going, what was it going to be used for.”

Atlas Van Lines released a statement in regards to Royster: “This is an incredibly tragic accident, and we’re deeply saddened to hear that Eric Royster lost his life ... We are investigating this incident, and will continue to look into it as evidence becomes available.”

KLTV reported that the undamaged cash was sent to the federal reserve bank in Dallas.

Source: KLTVKSLA, The Blaze / Photo Credit: Wiki Media, KLTV


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