One Hundred Year Old Time Capsule Opened in Oklahoma City


A 1913 time capsule was dug up from the ground below First Lutheran Church in Oklahoma City. To get to it, they had to dig through concrete. It took 11 hours to unearth but Oklahoma History Center research director Chad Williams said it was worth it.

They were surprised to find that all of the items in the time capsule were well-preserved.

"This is more than we could have hoped for. I was expecting some things to be damaged, but everything looks in excellent condition," Williams said.

A Facebook page dedicated to the capsule, referred to as "Century Chest," has photos of the items. 

It was buried by the Ladies Aid Society on April 22, 1913.

Included in the capsule were newspapers, vintage clothing, coffee, a box of recorded messages, an old desk telephone, and Oklahoma-grown wheat and corn. Everything was kept in airtight containers.

A ceremony for the casule was held, where Governor Mary Fallin and Mayor Mick Cornett spoke.

"What a remarkable insight the people of this church had at the time to be able to put all these different things into this wonderful treasure chest," Fallin said.

The fundraising event for the capsule's unveiling will hopefully make enough to allow Reverend Jerry Peterson, the church's senior pastor, to purchase an organ.

Peterson said all items were removed carefully by the Oklahoma Historical Society and are going to be on display at the Oklahoma History Center.

Sources: Inquisitr, THV 11


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