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‘One Decision’ PSA Cautions Everyone Not To Leave Child Alone In Overheated Vehicles (Video)

A public service announcement released last year shows parents how to prevent children from dying of heatstroke after being left unattended in a car.

“One Decision,” a video on the effects of vehicular heatstroke, is a reenactment of a mother who makes a bad choice by leaving her child in a hot car while she shops at a store — it takes just 15 minutes to suffer life-threatening injuries.

The powerful short film, uploaded to YouTube by RedCastle Productions, also shows bystanders who see the child locked inside the vehicle, but don’t do or say anything.

According to the video, a child dies every 10 days from vehicular heatstroke. More than 500 have died since 1998 and 73 percent of those deaths were babies under the age of 2. 

The Huffington Post notes that the statistics in the short include children who were left in cars by accident, with columnist Lisa Belkin adding: “The parents who accidentally leave their children to die could be any of us.”

One important lesson to take away from the video is that there were opportunities to stop and help a child alone in a car. If you see something, say something.

Watch the video below:


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