St. Louis Bar Robbery: One Dead, Multiple Wounded


Multiple people were shot during an attempted robbery of a bar in south St. Louis on Tuesday night. One victim of the attack, 63-year-old Diana Lawrence, died as a result of injuries sustained during the shooting. Two suspects have been charged with robbery and assault, and a third suspect is still at large. 

According to Fox2Now St. Louis, 29-year-old suspect Corey Wade entered Pooh’s Corner Bar in south St. Louis on Tuesday night along with two other men and fired a shot in the air, announcing that a robbery was taking place. Wade and the other two individuals were allegedly wearing bandanas. The bar owner reported that Lawrence was shot for no apparent reason shortly after the robbery began. 

The three suspects apparently chose to rob a bar that is regularly frequented by local police officers. “You’re wondering, what exactly are they thinking?” neighborhood resident Barry Murphy said to Fox, “Do we need to put a sign on [the bar door], ‘Do not enter. Cops bar? This is where we hang.’” 

At least one former St. Louis police officer was carrying a gun in the bar, which he pulled and began firing at the robbery suspects. Wade was hit once in the eye, and the former officer who fired the shot was hit in the leg. Two other bar patrons — a 73-year-old man and a 66-year-old man — were also hit but suffered less serious injuries. Wade collapsed in the bar and was taken to a local hospital for treatment. 

One of the other suspects, Derreaun Davis, was arrested after he arrived at the hospital for treatment of a gunshot wound in his shoulder. The third suspect managed to escape in a stolen car and has not yet been apprehended by police. 

Eliminating any Ferguson protest connections, law enforcement officials stated to KMOV that they do not believe the bar was targeted because of the off-duty officers that frequent it.

Sources: Fox2Now St. Louis, KMOV


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