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Couple Rescues Emaciated Dog

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A Texas couple has adopted a neglected dog that was so emaciated it was forced to eat plastic.  

Little Things reports that Cameron Trammell and his girlfriend were on their balcony, about to spend a day running errands, when they happened to look down and spotted an emaciated dog. 

As Trammell put it on photo-sharing site Imgur, “She glances up at me and I immediately know that we have to go down and check on her.”

When the couple reached the dog, they noticed it was wearing a collar but with no tags and the poor thing was covered in fleas.  They scooped her up in a laundry basket and tried to feed the animal, but it was too exhausted to even eat.  

They hurried to the store and bought flea-killing shampoo, which they then scrubbed all over the dog they had dubbed "Little One." 

“The amount of fleas was unreal,” Trammell wrote. “Every time we thought we had them all, another would rear its ugly head.”

They made a temporary bed in a cardboard box for Little One to rest in, and another trip to the store produced a crate, a toy, and plenty of dog food.

Unfortunately Little One refused to eat much, and when she did, she vomited it right back up. They took her to the vet where an X-ray revealed that she had a severe blockage in her intestine due to eating garbage and plastic just to survive.  

The vet informed them that Little One needed surgery, which would cost around $5,000 -- and she wasn't sure to survive.  The couple then had a decision to make.  

Trammel explained the process on Imgur: 

Well, let’s be honest. There was only one choice. Let’s do it! She deserves a chance. The surgery certainly isn’t in our budget, but there was absolutely NO way we were going to tell them to just put her down. A dog as sweet as this is more than worth it. We hadn’t planned on owning a dog, especially spending thousands of dollars on just a chance to own one, but we had to try.

The surgery was successful and Little One went home with her new parents.  Her appetite has reportedly returned, too, and she is well on her way to making a full recovery.  

The vet lowered the couple's bill by around $2,000, but they are still  trying to raise $3,000 on a GoFundMe page. 

“Here she is back home with us waiting for dinner,” her new owners made sure to note in the latest update on Imgur. “Those eyes could melt the coldest of hearts." 

Sources: Little Things, Imgur / Photo credit: OhHiDenny/Imgur via Little Things

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