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One Cop Carries Kids Two By Two Into Daycare During Flood (Video)

A Virginia police officer carried an entire class of kids from their bus into daycare on Thursday after a torrential downpour flooded the facility’s driveway.

“I got dispatched for high waters on East River Road,” said Chesterfield County police officer Michael Green. “When I went out there I noticed that there was a parking lot at the daycare center that was filled with water. It was probably a good – up to my knees.”

That’s when he began taking children two at a time from the bus nearby and carrying them into the daycare.

“It was amazing,” Shahnazz Jones-Hays, who works at the daycare, told WTVR. “He said, ‘Don’t let them cross the street yet’ and he went over and just started picking them up. And they were just smiling – they were so excited.”

"I don't know what's under that water," Green said, "if there's a pothole, if there's a curb, if they're going to trip and fall and hurt themselves."

He said he wouldn’t want his own 3-year-old son to get to daycare with wet shoes and pants.

“I always think about him,” Green said. “Every second of the day. He’s my pride and my joy.”

He had no idea that a citizen was filming him about 40 yards away.

“It was really heavy water coming through here,” said Brad Watkins, who captured the heartwarming act on his cell phone.

Later that day Green responded to a call about a stranded dog, but the small poodle wasn’t nearly as grateful as the kids. He was bit more than once on the hand and fingers. He had to get stitches and was prescribed antibiotics.

“I guess it’s all in a day’s work,” Green said.

Sources: WTVRThe Blaze


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