People Are Freaking Out Over This Giant Dog (Photos)


A massive, 7-foot Great Dane became a viral sensation.

The giant dog, Major, is an astonishing 7 feet tall when on his hind legs and towers over his owners. Brian and Julie Williams said that although their dog looks intimidating, he’s a gentle giant.

“He is the biggest-hearted dog in the world. He is such a fantastic animal. People love seeing him. They play with him all day,” Williams told Daily Mail of his massive dog.

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“We bought him as a pup and he has been with us ever since. He has got free reign of the place if he wants to go out, he isn't locked indoors. He's afraid of his own shadow, he's absolutely great with kids and an absolute star. He brings us a lot of happiness and is so easy to look after. He's just got a terrific temperament and never gives us a minute's problems.”

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The couple, from Wales, runs a falconry center where they say Major is free to roam.

Major is up against two other massive dogs as the tallest currently living in the world. One of those dogs is Rocko, who lives in Nevada with his owners. One of Rocko’s owners, Nicholas Helms, said he had no idea just how big the dog would become.

“We didn't realize he was going to be so big,” Helms told KGO-TV. “He was so big we were like -- oh my God, is he half Dane or half pony? What's going on here?"

Helms and his partner, Jessica Williams, got Rocko when he was 8 weeks old, and he was the size of a 6-month-old Labrador. He continued to grow and has not stopped growing since. 

“He sprouted like a weed,” Helms said. “No joke, the next morning his collar was tighter and he was 1/2 inch taller. Like, it happened numerous times. He kept sprouting."

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The 160-pound animal was described by his owners as almost like a human. 

“He'll cry at the TV if, like, an animal is being hurt on a documentary or something,” Williams told KGO-TV. “He gets really upset. He's weird. I think he's more emotionally connected than most dogs."

Sources: Daily Mail, KGO-TV / Photo credit: Daily Mail, KGO-TV

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