Abused Dog Comforts Friend Before Surgery (Photo)


A moment caught between two abused dogs has touched the hearts of animal lovers around the world.

In Kershaw County, South Carolina, a dog in critical condition named Sammie was brought to Paws and Claws Animal Clinic for treatment after suffering from extreme abuse, People Magazine reports.

"He was in good spirits, in a sense," Nikki Jones, veterinarian technician at Paws and Claws clinic told WIS. "He was wagging his tail, but he had barely any energy. He could barely even lift his head ... to give us a kiss."

According to various rescuers and caregivers, it appears Sammie was spray painted, shot in the head and dragged by a car. However, since the 5-month-old boxer mix was brought to the shelter as a “stray,” the abusers are unlikely to face charges.

"They have all these studies that people who are capable of causing pain to animals are capable of causing pain to humans,” Jones explained. “I mean, sociopath, in my brain."

While at the clinic, Sammie befriended another abused dog, Simon, who suffers from mange. According to Dr. Mike Sauer, Simon was at the clinic for several weeks when he first attempted to comfort the critically injured dog, People Magazine reports.

"When we let Simon out of the cage, he went straight to Sammie," Sauer recalled.

Prior to Sammie's surgical procedure, Simon went to check on a distressed Sammie.

"Simon heard him crying in there and his ears perked up," Jones recalled, according to WIS. "He came in and just very gently jumped up on the X-ray table with his one paw and was kind of like, 'Hey, bud. What's wrong? Don't worry. These guys got ya.'"

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Although Sammie has made much progress, he will need to stay at the South Carolina clinic for a few months before a rescue organization will put him up for adoption. 

More than $25,000 has been raised towards Sammie’s care, according to You Caring, a crowdfunding website. 

Jones hopes more people will become involved with animal rescue organizations, regardless of their ability to trend on social media. 

"We see dogs like this every single day and it's so heartbreaking, but none of them get any attention." she explained. "None of them get any funding because none of them happen to get a good picture ...That's the reality of it."

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC is glad the media is "helping to raise awareness for ALL abused dogs," the organization wrote on Facebook.

Sources: People Magazine, You Caring, WIS, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC/Facebook / Photo credit: No Kill Revolution/Facebook

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