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Officer Uses CPR To Save Boy's Life (Video)

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A Texas patrol officer performed CPR on a 3-year-old boy in the parking lot of a Kentucky Fried Chicken, saving the boy's life (video below).  

The Fort Worth Star‑Telegram reports that Patrol Officer Chase Miller was driving his car in Granbury, Texas, when a call came over the 911 dispatch claiming that a young boy had stopped breathing in a nearby Kentucky Fried Chicken parking lot. 

Miller drove to the lot before EMS workers and was first on the scene.  

Miller then found 3-year-old Brayden unconscious and unresponsive and swooped into action.  Miller had Brayden’s father retrieve a CPR mask from his patrol car as he performed CPR on him. 

Miller continued for several moments, until Brayden started to breathe again.  

The boy was then taken to a local hospital, where he later recovered.  Granbury police did not disclose why Brayden had stopped breathing, but say he is now doing fine. 

Granbury Mayor Nin Hulett has since honored Miller with a life-saving award.  Thanks to Miller’s quick thinking, a young boy is alive and well.  

Sources: Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Granbury Media/YouTube / Photo credit: KDFW

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