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Police Recover Woman's Arm After Horrific Car Accident

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In January, a group of New York Police Department officers saved a woman from losing her arm in a serious car accident.

The NYPD officers from the Bronx's 45th precinct arrived at the scene of the crash soon after the unidentified Connecticut woman rolled her car over on its roof and was thrown to the back seat. Her arm was severed completely.

When the officers arrived, a bystander was applying a tourniquet made from a  zip tie to the woman's arm. 

Although they thought the arm could not be saved, officers began to search the area for it and eventually found it intact between two metal barriers. 

They used a cooler given to them by a firefighter to keep the limb cold, and alerted emergency medical workers. The woman was rushed to hospital and doctors reattached her arm.

In September 2015, a similar incident occurred involving a woman who lost her leg in an accident after slamming her car into a tree, reports the Mirror.

Sources: NYPD News, Mirror / Photo credit: NYPD News

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