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Earth Day Oprah: The Cove's Dolphin Slaughter & Green Living

What is it like to live on a boat made entirely from recycled materials? How can you help dolphins in danger of being slaughtered? Are you doing a good job of being green in your own home? Oprah Winfrey has Earth-based segments for the special Earth Day episode of her popular afternoon talk show on Thursday.

Oprah will introduce viewers to two families: one that lives "green to the extreme," and another that wastes tremendous amounts of energy. What happens when the two moms trade lives? Will the wasteful family learn to be more energy conscious?

In another segment, Oprah joins the filmmakers from the Oscar-winning film The Cove and introduces viewers to Taiji, Japan, a small fishing village with a dark secret. Every year in Taiji, thousands of dolphins are slaughtered for their meat. Ric O'Barry, a dolphin activist who risks his life in dangerous waters to defend the creatures, will appear.

Then take a ride aboard the Plastiki, a ship made entirely from plastic soda bottles and other recycled materials. Meet the crew, see exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and experience a day in the life of this unusual band of eco-friendly, seafaring adventurers. See how the world's largest trash dump in the middle of the Pacific Ocean inspired this crew to make a difference.

In addition to all of these unique segments, Oprah and her guests will also teach viewers recycling tips and green living secrets.

Check out a sneak peek of Oprah's Earth Day episode.


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