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Omar Mateen's Wife Allegedly Knew About Attack

The wife of Orlando massacre gunman Omar Mateen reportedly tried to talk her husband out of going through with the worst mass shooting in modern American history and the deadliest act of terrorism in the country since 9/11.

Noor Zahi Salman, who was Mateen's wife before he died in a gunfight with police on June 12, told FBI officials she was with Mateen when he went to buy a holster and ammunition, NBC reports. She also told officials that she once went with him to the nightclub, Pulse, where Mateen eventually carried out the mass shooting so he could "scope it out."

Mateen killed 49 dead and left 53 injured at the nightclub. The death toll may rise because six who were injured are still reportedly in critical condition.

While no decision has yet been made in Salman's case, authorities are keeping open the possibility of filing criminal charges against her for failing to disclose information about the attack to law enforcement before it happened.

Salman is Mateen's second wife; Mateen also reportedly has a 3-year-old son.  Mateen's first wife, Sitoura Yusifiy, told The Guardian that while Mateen had seemed charming at first, he started routinely abusing her and beating her during their four months of marriage, as well as forbidding her from speaking to her parents.  

Yusifiy said that after the four-month marriage her parents "literally rescued" her, describing Mateen as "short-tempered," mentally unstable and with a history of steroid abuse.

Sources: NBC News, The Guardian / Photo credit: Myspace via The Independent

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