Omaha Rejects New Gun Laws; Fight Not Over


At Tuesday night’s Omaha City Council meeting, council members voted against adopting the poorly written changes to current Omaha gun laws by a 5 to 2 vote, but they will revisit these issues next month.  

Councilmen Pete Festersen and Ben Gray voted for the proposed ordinance as is. This proposal, pushed by Omaha Police Chief Alex Hayes and Assistant City Attorney Michelle Peters, would have increased handgun registration fees from $10 to $15, failed to clearly define what constituted a “concealable firearm” and mirror current state and federal language with regard to qualifications for possession and registration.

You can view the proposed ordinance, as considered Tuesday night, here.

Thank you to all NRA members who contacted Omaha officials about the proposed infringement of their Second Amendment rights. This fight is far from over, as the issue will be revisited by the city council next month.  The NRA will stay vigilant on this developing matter and will continue to alert our members as the council vote draws near. 

Please continue to check www.NRAILA.org for updates regarding this issue in Omaha.


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