Omaha Man Sentenced To 80 To 130 Years For Kidnapping, Beating and Brutalizing Woman

A 33-year-old Omaha man has been handed a lengthy prison sentence for kidnapping, beating and sexually abusing a woman.

Ronald Ford claimed he kidnapped the 38-year-old with the help of his girlfriend, 26-year-old Shavontae Green, because the woman’s boyfriend failed to pay him for a laptop, the Omaha World Herald reported.

Ford and Green arrived at the man’s home to demand payment. Finding the woman there alone, they took her back to their apartment.

Ford beat the woman with a chain, poured bleach and boiling water over her, raped her and sodomized her with a table leg.

Green was accused of putting make-up on the woman afterwards, before forcing her into a bath where she poured more bleach on her.

The woman’s boyfriend called police when he returned home and noticed the apartment had been broken into.

District Judge J. Russell Derr decided Nov. 26 on a long sentence for Ford.

“At age 33, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody have 16 felony convictions and 10 prison terms,” Derr said, according to the World Herald. “You’ve demonstrated that you are beyond being able to abide the laws and decency of society. ... You are capable of acts of brutality and depravity.”

The sentence is reduced by half under state law, meaning Ford will serve at least 40 years behind bars.

Green was sentenced separately Nov. 25 to between 53 and 65 years.

Green’s attorney, Mallory Hughes, sought to argue his client was under the influence of methamphetamine, and had been in a violent relationship with Ford for 10 years.

However, Prosecutor Molly Keane believed Green’s sentence was justified.

“This case is horrendous,” Keane added, according to the World Herald (2). “Even calling it extreme is an understatement. What this woman went through is unbelievable.”

Keane stressed the impact the assault has had on the 38-year-old victim.

“This was very difficult for her to even show up today,” she said. “This has had an everlasting effect on her life. It’s not something that she will just recover from. It’s something she lives with every day.”

Sources: Omaha World Herald, Omaha World Herald (2)/ photo credit: Omaha World Herald

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