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Olivia Newton John's Ex Found Alive In Mexico

Olivia Newton John's Ex Found Alive In Mexico Promo Image

A man who was suspected of faking his own death more than a decade ago is believed to have been found in Mexico.

Patrick McDermott, the ex-boyfriend of singer/actress Olivia Newton-John, is believed to have been photographed in a Mexican campsite in October by U.S. media company Coleman-Rayner, New Idea reported. He is thought to have died while on a fishing trip in San Pedro, California, in June 2005.

McDermott, who was a cameraman, was declared dead in 2008. However, not one of the 22 passengers who were on board at the time of the alleged incident reported seeing him go overboard.

Now it appears that McDermott may be alive and well. He was tracked down by a team of investigators and was photographed in a Mexican campsite shirtless, next to an unidentified woman.

The man in the photograph reportedly has a striking resemblance to McDermott, who owed thousands in child support payments at the time of his alleged death. Private investigator Charlie Parker said he believes the man in the picture is in fact McDermott.

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"The widow’s peak is exact. The eyes are very similar and the ears extend down on the head in the same distance. I believe it’s him," Parker told New Idea, adding that he determined a 90 percent match between old photos of McDermott and the new one.

Television show "Dateline" had previously hired private detective Philip Klein to find McDermott in 2009. Klein said it was "concluded beyond reasonable doubt" that the former cameraman was still alive.

Newton-John had dated McDermott on and off again for nine years, Us Weekly reported. Friends of the "Grease" actress said she will be relieved to have some closure on her former lover.

"Olivia will be shocked that it has finally come to an end, and that she can finally say, 'Yes, he's alive,'" a source told New Idea. "But, in saying that, she has her own battles to fight at the moment -- she'll want to just forgive him and move on."

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Newton-John, who was diagnosed with cancer, previously spoke about McDermott's alleged death during an interview with Australia’s "60 Minutes."

“It was very hard. He was lost at sea, and nobody really knows what happened,” Newton-John said. “It’s human to wonder. But you know, those are the things in life you have to accept and let go. Because whenever you go through difficult times, there’s always those concerns.”

McDermott reportedly owed $8,000 in child support at the time of his disappearance. His life insurance policy would leave $100,000 behind for his son.

Sources: New Idea, Us Weekly / Featured Image: Kirt Edblom/Flickr / Embedded Images: AP via CBS News, Eva Rinaldi/Flickr

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