Olivia Munn: My Ideal Valentine's Day

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As one of the stars of the NBC comedy Perfect Couples, we thought that Olivia Munn would be the ideal person to ask for ideas on perfect and not-so-perfect ways for couples to spend the most romantic day of the year.

"I would personally find it really romantic to grab a big pizza, a couple bottles of wine, and hang out in a hotel room with a big fireplace and just talk and laugh," she says. You'll get no arguments on that here, Olivia.

What's the worst way this staunch defender of animals can imagine spending her Valentine's Day?

"The least romantic thing to do in New York or any other city is going on horse-drawn carriage rides. … [I]f you knew the pain and misery these beautiful animals endure just to fulfill the false symbol of uniting two hearts, it would actually break your heart. To see the horses in the harsh, cold weather being forced to cart people around the city is the farthest thing from romantic in my opinion."

We couldn't have said it better. Now, off to order a big yummy vegan pizza

Written by Michelle Sherrow


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