Drunk Bully Gets Dose Of Karma (Video)


When a drunk young man stirred up some trouble on the beach, an older man gave him a dose of karma (video below).

The 25-year-old was recorded harassing another man and his family, seemingly unaware that he may have to face any consequences for his rude behavior.

The bully shouts expletives at strangers on the beach while the 44-year-old father tries to calm him down and get him to leave others alone. 

The bully doesn't relent and eventually tries to throw a punch at the older man. Not wanting to put up with his nonsense any longer, the father fights back, swinging at the drunk.

With just one punch, the bully gets knocked out and falls to the ground, while the crowd of onlookers cheers for the man who took him down.

WARNING: Contains strong language.

Sources: AWMYouTube / Photo credit: YouTube via AWM

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