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Widow Mugged At Husband's Grave, Thief's Son ID's Dad (Video)

The teenage son of a robber made amends to a 78-year-old woman mugged in an Oklahoma cemetery in September 2013 and offered to give the woman back some of the money stolen (video below). 

Christian Lunsford, 15, a resident of Moore, met with his father's victim, Tona Herndon, in a church parking lot in an attempt to set things right, the Daily Mail reports. 

The teen had then received $250 from his estranged father for a school band trip but, regardless of whether the money was Herndon's or not, Lunsford decided to give the widow the money instead. 

"When I found out this whole situation, I didn't know if it was hers or his or how, I just knew I needed to give the money to her," he said.

Touched by his actions, the widow accepted the money and then immediately returned it to Lunsford as a donation for his band trip. 

"This is a very blessed family, I thank them so much for what they wanted to do, to make things right. That was wonderful," she said. 

"I was very surprised actually," Lunsford said. "I didn't expect that at all, but it meant a lot."

"He gave and I received, and I gave and he received, so it worked out," Herndon said.

The widow had buried her husband of 60 years just two weeks before the incident and was emotionally distraught. 

The thief, Shane Lunsford, had walked up to her while she was mourning over her husband's grave marker and mugged her while her eyes were closed, Little Things reports. The mugger stole Herndon's purse, which had $700 in it. 

"As the purse came off, I looked him right in the eyes and there was a look in his eyes," Herndon said. "It was a look of pain and my thought was ‘He doesn't really want to do this.'"

A description of the thief soon circulated in local news and TV media after the incident, which was seen by his son, who promptly identified him to police. The robber's son was not surprised by his father's actions. 

"I kind of suspected who it was because this isn't the first time."

The teen's father had been in and out of jail multiple times as he was growing up.

Sources: Little Things, Daily Mail / Photo and Video credit: The Huffington Post

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