Old West Re-Enactor Sentenced to Jail for Firing Live Rounds Into Crowd


Paul F. Doering, an Old West re-enactor who fired four bullets into a crowd of tourists in Hill City, Iowa in June 2011, was sentenced on Monday to seven and a half years in a federal prison.

The 49-year-old Doering had signed a plea agreement where he admitted that he concealed evidence after an Old West re-enactment of a gun fight on a Hill City side street in which three out-of-state visitors were injured.

A six-time convicted felon, Doering was arrested last summer after authorities learned that one of two guns he fired during a Dakota Wild Bunch Reinactors’ performance held live ammunition.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Eric Kelderman said: “None of this would have happened if the defendant would have complied with the law. This whole incident would have been avoided.”


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