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"Old Spice Man" Goes Vegan

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By Alisa Mullins

Perhaps impressed by the likes of manly men Mac Danzig, Jake Shields, and Rich Roll, Old Spice Man (aka former Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Isaiah Mustafa) has embarked on a vegan cleanse. It's a dangerous voyage, fraught with all the perils that come along with really great food that contains no hormones, antibiotics, cholesterol, or arsenic, but we are confident that OSM is not one to back down from a challenge that is, well, not really all that challenging.

Maybe he could make it a little more interesting by cooking all his food on a stove that he welded by hand from iron that he mined himself and fueled it with coal that he hauled from West Virginia in a train car that he pulled with his teeth. Just an idea.

I guess that makes Old Spice Man the man your man could eat like—if only he would stop eating those sissy Double Downs and pork rinds.

Join us as we tweet words of encouragement to OSM (not that he needs it, of course) and ask him to make at least one more video for us. He can't be done yet—he still has to respond to Alyssa Milano.


P.S. We're glad to see Old Spice manufacturer P&G finally do something right by hiring OSM. Now if only he could convince them to stop testing on animals.


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