Old Man Slapped And Taunted On Chicago Train (Video)

A video of an old man being slapped by two young men on a Chicago train is making its rounds on the internet.

On Thursday, police were notified of the video (below), which was posted to Facebook. They said no one has come forward in relation to the incident- including the victim. News Affairs Officer Bari Lemmon told My Fox Chicago that they are working with the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) to identify the victim and the suspects.

The video features the old man being taunted as he is slapped. WBBM emailed the man who recorded the incident and he called back to discuss the violent encounter. Only identified as “A-T-L,” the man said that, while he was part of the group that assailed the old man, he personally did not touch him.

A-T-L said that the old man provoked the attack. “We didn’t do nothing. We got on the train and he was saying some racial slurs,” he said. Despite that, he doesn’t know why his friends hit the victim. “I don’t know why they did what they did,” he said. “I just recorded it because it was funny.”

The CTA didn’t find the incident laughable. “Though this crime apparently was not reported, because neither CTA nor Chicago Police have a report of the incident, we are pulling additional video to share with police as part of a now-open investigation,” the agency told WBBM. “We encourage members of the public who witness a crime to report it immediately, especially if they have evidence such as a video. Incidents like this are rare on the CTA.”

Sources: My Fox ChicagoWBBMFacebook Image via The Blaze


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