Old Man Caught On Camera Luring Child Away From Mother In Shopping Mall (Video)

An elderly British man was caught on CCTV attempting to lure a toddler away from his mother in a shopping center just before she caught him.

A woman and her 22-month-old son were shopping in a busy Derby mall last Thursday. Pushing a stroller, she walks slightly ahead of her son.

An elderly man walks up to the toddler and speaks to him. He takes his hand and starts leading him away.

When the mother looks over her shoulder she sees a man walking away with her son.

She confronts the man, who appears to apologize before rushing off.

The incident took place around 10:30 a.m.

Derbyshire police reported an 80-year-old man came forward Wednesday after police released the footage to the public.

'It appears that the man shown in the CCTV footage may have been acting with good intentions but we will be speaking to him today to ascertain the full details,” Derbyshire Detective Chief Inspector Nick Lamb told the Daily Mail.

“We received a large number of calls on the back of the appeal and I would like to thank members of the public for their response,” he added. “It was a highly unusual incident and we will be continuing our inquiries into it today.”

Sources: Daily Mail, The Telegraph


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