Old Elementary School Love Letter Becomes Viral Sensation


An adorable elementary school love letter ended in rejection, but the young Romeo might have gotten another chance in the very near future after his initial attempt.

The letter has quickly become a viral sensation and Mail Online reports it was posted on Reddit on Tuesday.

It starts, “Dear Ashely” and then asks, “would you please be my girlfriend, I like you a lot.”

Underneath are three big choices of yes, no and maybe with instructions for the young girl to choose one.

Sadly, Ashely (or perhaps it’s really Ashley and was just misspelled) rejects his chivalrous advances, according to the Herald Sun, but the story doesn’t end right there.

The choice no is clearly circled, but a note followed that gave the love letter’s writer hope that there was a good chance in the future that things might work out.

The young girl responds on the note with “I’m sorry I already have a boyfriend … but when we break up your my next choice.”

Not only did that have to give the young boy some optimism, but Ashley even puts a time frame on it.

“P.S. that will proboby [sic] be a month or two.”

The letter received more than 1.25 million views on Reddit in less than a day after it was posted. The Christian Post reports the letter was uploaded by a user, who said he "found [it] in a box of elementary school projects" from some time ago. His little brother was at the time infatuated with a girl, Ashley, and he really wanted to be her boyfriend.

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Sources: Mail Online, Herald Sun, The Christian Post


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