Old Dominion to Ban Concealed Guns in School Buildings


One university in Virginia is taking steps to ban concealed weapons in its buildings after the state Attorney General said people with permits can bring their guns inside.

Talking in July about a University of Virginia policy that bans guns on campus, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli said it does not apply to holders of concealed license permits. He did say, however, that schools could pass regulations banning them in buildings. He said the law does not allow for a complete weapons ban on campus.

According to a report from The Virginian-Pilot, Old Dominion University is now proposing a regulation that would ban guns from school buildings and sporting events, except those carried by law enforcement officials.

Its regulation is based on one at George Mason University which was recently upheld in the state Supreme Court, It reads:

Possession or carrying of any weapon by any person, except a police officer, is prohibited on university property in academic buildings, administrative office buildings, student residence buildings, dining facilities, or while attending sporting, entertainment or educational events.

In upholding the regulation, the court said that GMU's policy “is tailored, restricting weapons only in those places where people congregate and are most vulnerable – inside campus buildings and at campus events.”

But the court said guns are still allowed “on the open grounds of GMU and in other places on campus not enumerated in the regulation.”

Old Dominion said it is following precedent already set. Old Dominion spokeswoman Jennifer Mullen wrote in an email:

“The Virginia Supreme Court and Virginia’s attorney general have stated that a university is a ‘sensitive place’ where a person’s Second Amendment rights could be limited. The university is pursuing the proposed regulation to be consistent with what is recommended in both opinions.”


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