Old Couple Almost Dies After Being Trapped For 13 Hours In Unlocked Car


An elderly couple in Alexandra, New Zealand, almost died after thinking they were trapped in their new ''keyless'' Mazda 3.

Brian and Mollieanne Smith spent almost 13 hours in their car unaware they could have left at any time.

The incident happened on Nov. 5 in the couple's garage. The Smiths left their new car's manual inside their home and the car's remote control outside the vehicle, reports the Otago Daily Times.

Thinking they could not open the doors without the remote control, the couple tried honking their car horn and attempted to break a window using a car jack.

However, it was a local holiday, so fireworks drowned out their honking. The next day, the couple was freed by some neighbors.

Mollieanne was unconscious and Brian was having trouble breathing.

Mollieanne, who spent three days in a hospital, claims that ambulance workers told her that she and her husband could have died if they had spent another half hour in the car because the air was running out.

Brian thought the car salesman told them that the remote control was the only way to open the doors, noted the Daily Mail.

The Smiths have now decided to go public in an effort to educate older people about keyless cars.

''It's not a design flaw with the car ... what we have said to the network is, with new technologies, don't forget to show customers how to use them in their entirety [and] how to override them," Mazda New Zealand general manager Glenn Harris told the Otago Daily Times. "There is always a manual process to override them.''

Sources: Daily Mail, Otago Daily Times
Image Credit: Kickaffe


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