Oklahoma Women Charged With Pot Possession and Smoking In Presence Of 4-Year-Old


The grandmother and great aunt of a 4-year-old child in Edmond, Okla., are facing drug charges after the boy showed up at Cross Timbers Elementary school high on marijuana, police said Monday.

“He seemed very lethargic,” Susan Parks Schelp, a spokesperson for the Edmond Public School District, told KFOR-TV. “He had bloodshot eyes, and we really commend the teachers because not only were they very observant, they were proactive in finding out what was going on with this child.”

The child had been exposed to marijuana, an officer trained in drug recognition determined.

Edmond police arrested the grandmother Sandra Martinez, 53, and great-aunt Peggy Pierman, 52, on Friday after being suspected of marijuana possession and smoking the drug while the boy was present.

“He spent the night with grandmother because they thought there was going to be bad weather,” Jenny Monroe of the Edmond Police Department says. “She lives closer to the school than the mom. Mom thought she was leaving her with grandma to be safe weather-wise.”

Martinez wasn’t home when reporters arrived at her home in Logan County, Okla., but a longtime friend and neighbor was shocked.

“Well, I think it’s kinda stupid to do it at all,” Nancy Nolen told KFOR-TV. “I don’t approve of it, drugs in any way. I lost a son to drugs, so to do it around a child is really not too smart.”

Nolen claims the 4-year-old is regularly at his grandmother’s home.

Martinez and Pierman have been charged over possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

According to News9.com, the Logan County Sheriff’s department is investigating the case, which it received Monday. It will be up to the DA to decide whether or not any child neglect charges will be filed.

This is not the first time Martinez and Pierman have been in jail. Both women were arrested together three different times for shoplifting, News9.com reported.

The boy was released the custody of his mother, who is not facing any charges.


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