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Two Women Arrested After Burned Baby's Leg Amputated

Two Women Arrested After Burned Baby's Leg Amputated Promo Image

Two Oklahoma women were arrested after a baby they were supposed to be watching was burned so badly he had to have his leg removed.

Cordette Cole, the baby's grandmother, and Breanna Cole, the baby's godmother, were arrested on charges of child abuse and child neglect, reports KFOR.

The 11-month-old child was reportedly taken to an Oklahoma City children's hospital on Christmas Day for breathing problems. When doctors examined the infant, they saw he had severe burns going from above his belly button all the way down to his feet.

The affidavit stated that the baby also had bruises on his head and neck, was missing one of his front teeth and had a brain bleed.

The burns were so bad that doctors had to amputate one of the baby's legs.

Investigators learned that Cordette and Breanna were taking care of the boy while his mother took care of her other child, who was sick at the time.

The two women told investigators with the Oklahoma City Police Department the baby accidentally pulled a teapot filled with boiling water on himself when he was having a seizure. Breanna told officers that she and Cordette attempted to treat the baby's wounds themselves, even though his skin began lifting off of him.

The baby was not brought to the hospital until two weeks later, when the women said he was having breathing problems.

Detectives said after speaking with doctors that the story had discrepancies and could not be true. The affidavit said that Breanna began changing her story when the discrepancies were pointed out.

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Doctors told investigators that if the baby had "received proper medical treatment immediately, he would not have had to have his leg amputated."

The two women were held in jail in lieu of $2 million bail each.

Readers shared their thoughts on the disturbing story on the KFOR-TV Facebook page.

"I can’t even imagine what that baby went through," one reader commented. "His mama didn’t come see him for two weeks? Something to this story, how sick was the other kid, is someone checking in to be sure that one is alright? So awful!"

"To be smiling knowing a child has been injured so horribly?" another user wrote. "What is this world coming to? Why are we hurting and killing our children. This baby didn't deserve this."

"Hope they suffer like the baby, I know he had to be in so much pain," another reader added. "God bless this LITTLE ANGEL with quick healing and recovery."

Sources: KFORKFOR-TV/Facebook / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: KFOR, HamzaButt/Flickr

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