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Man Uses Dating Website To Rob Woman

An Oklahoma City woman was robbed by a man she met on a dating website, but the man overlooked one crucial detail that may lead to his arrest.

Nikkii Wagner had agreed to meet the unnamed man she had been talking with on, a dating website. They arranged to meet at an apartment complex, KFOR reported. Wagner took two of her friends with her for safety, but numbers didn’t keep them from being attacked.

As soon as Wagner pulled up outside the apartment complex, the suspect got into her car and at least two other armed men immediately ran up.

“As soon as he got in the car and closed the door, maybe five guys came up with guns and tasers,” said Wagner, KFOR reports.

The suspect took her purse while the other suspects stood guard outside.

“I was held at gunpoint. It was on my head,” said Wagner. “I honestly just tried not to get shot. My life is more important than a purse.”

The three suspects got away with Wagner’s purse and an unknown amount of valuables. However, the main suspect’s photograph was still visible on, where he had initially met Wagner. Police downloaded the photograph and are currently trying to identify the man.

“I’m just glad I wasn’t dead and no one had to call my mom and say your daughter is dead,” Wagner said.

This isn’t the first instance of people taking advantage of dating apps and websites to rob and harm others.

Earlier this month, The Advocate published a story about a man who had agreed to pay a woman he had met on Tinder for sex. The 34-year-old man arrived at the carpark where he and 20-year-old ‘‘Brittany’’ had decided to meet. However, the man soon learned that “Brittany” was two men who had used a woman’s dating profile as a front for theft. They robbed the man of $290, his iPhone and a bottle of Wild Turkey and then used a steel pipe to smash the man’s windscreen after he refused to hand over his credit cards.

While both the man and Wagner survived their robberies, police advise people against meeting up with strangers they meet online.

Sources: KFOR, Mad World News, The Advocate

Image source: KFOR


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