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Police: Oklahoma Woman Tried To Bite Off Husband's Penis

An Oklahoma woman was arrested earlier this month after she admitted to attacking her husband and attempting to bite off his penis, police said. 

Merci Keene was arrested for domestic assault and battery in the presence of a minor, KFOR News reported.

Police in Chickasha said they made contact with Merci Keene and her husband Jesse after the two had gotten into an altercation. 

Police Sgt. Jeremy Alexander said in his report that Jesse told the officers he never hit his wife and only tried to defend himself. 

“[Merci] took Jesse to the ground and said she tried to bite his penis off,” the incident report reads, according to local newspaper, The Express-Star. 

“I observed a bite mark on Jesse’s right arm, and there was another bite mark on Jesse’s left thigh, about [two] inches from his penis,” Alexander also noted in his report. “Jesse said both marks came from Merci biting him.”

Police discovered during their investigation that Jesse was holding the couple’s 11-month-old daughter at the time of the attack, according to KFOR. Police said they believe Merci got angry with her husband after learning that he was planning to leave her and take their daughter with him.

Merci was booked into the Grady County Jail, but has since been released according to the jail’s website. Bail and information on charges were not provided in the jail’s log. 

The alleged attack is at least the second such incident in the state this year. 

In February, Amber Ellis, of Tulsa, was arrested after her boyfriend said he awoke after a night out drinking to find the woman trying to bite off his penis, according to KJRH News. 

The boyfriend told police that the two had been arguing earlier in the evening, but he had fallen asleep on the couch. He said he fought Ellis off after waking, but she did manage to hit him in the head with a laptop computer. 

He was later hospitalized and treated for injuries to his head, face and neck. He also received stitches to the base of his penis. 

Elis was arrested for maiming and assault with a dangerous weapon.

Sources: KFOR News, The Express-Star, Grady County Jail, KJRH News

Photo credit: Police photo via KFOR News


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