Oklahoma Woman Allegedly Arms Teen Son, Admits She Knew It Was Illegal


An Oklahoma mother is accused of giving her underage son a gun to protect himself.

Police Officers in The Village, Okla., pulled over a minor in October and found both marijuana and a loaded 9 mm revolver with a round in the chamber. The teen’s red bandana signified he was member of the Bloods gang.

The unidentified teen’s mother, Dena Plunkett, admitted to police that she had given the gun to her son.

Plunkett, 48, told officers “he is always allowed to carry it,” according to police documents.

While she admitted she knew it was illegal, Plunkett said he "needed protection from rival gangs."

She asked that officers return the gun to her, but they refused, believing it would only end up back in the hands of her son.

When the teen was arrested he was out after curfew and hadn't been attending school.

Plunkett faces misdemeanor charges for giving a weapon to a minor.

Sources: KWTV, TheBlaze


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