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Oklahoma Wife Fights Back Against Abusive Husband

Oklahoma man Derrick Maynard is behind bars after assaulting and threatening to kill his wife. As you can tell by the colorful mug shot to your right, she fought back.

According to police, Maynard started drinking whiskey around 2 p.m. Later in the day, when he became highly intoxicated, he began hurling obscenities at his wife.

As the night went on, Maynard allegedly threw a Nintendo Wii remote at his wife. She attempted to put him to bed, but he got up moments later and began shouting that she needed to kill herself.

At this point, Maynard reportedly threw an oil heater at his wife and then picked up an unloaded pellet rifle. He pointed the gun at her and pulled the trigger, saying that his wife deserved to die.

Finally, Maynard jumped on top of his wife and began punching her, and in response she kicked his face.

Police say Maynard’s wife made contact with his nose and lip, and that the black eye in the mug shot manifested after he hit his against the wall in earlier drunken rampages.

Deputies on the scene said Maynard was unable to speak clearly, walk, or sit up straight.

Maynard faces charges of aggravated assault on a family with a weapon and a felony charge of threatening to kill.

Sources: Gawker, Fox


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