Oklahoma Town Can’t Afford New Cop, Installs ‘Plastic Popo’ Dummy


A cash-strapped town in Oklahoma says it can’t afford to employ a new traffic officer so it’s turning to a dummy instead.

Ada Police Department dressed up a CPR mannequin to look like a cop and put him behind the wheel of a patrol car.

Dubbed the “Plastic Popo,” they set up the dummy at various speeding hot spots around town. Drivers have no idea whether they’ve passed a real speed trap or the dummy.

"We can't keep people in every neighborhood that they complain about speeders," Police Chief Mike Miller told News9. "But we can put that car there and let it sit all day and it will slow people down.”

Popo might also be saving the lives of real officers. He was recently “injured” after a drunk driver crashed head-on into his patrol car.

"He was 10 or 12 feet off the shoulder and a drunk driver came along and took out the car," Miller explained.

The dummy is also a hit on social media. Fans try to find out where he is parked to take selfies with him.

Sources: New York Daily News, News9


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