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Oklahoma Teen Shot During 'Ding Dong Ditch' Prank


A Pryor, Oklahoma, teen was hospitalized after being shot several times by a neighbor during a “Ding Dong Ditch” prank. 

Cole Peyton, 14, was with two friends in his neighborhood when they began going around to houses and ringing doorbells. As homeowners would come to the door, Peyton and his friends would run off. 

At one home, Peyton rang the doorbell and began to run away. When the homeowner came to his door, however, he began firing at the teens — hitting Peyton several times in the back and arm. One bullet punctured his liver. 

Peyton was rushed to the hospital, where surgery was performed, and he remains in stable condition. 

“The investigation now centers around whether the homeowner's use of deadly force was lawful or illegal,” police chief Steven Lemmings said. "No arrests have been made at this point."

Neighbor Samantha Perry said she saw Peyton and his friends earlier in the evening, but did not witness the shooting. The outcome, she said, should have been different.

“I mean, that's just kids being kids right there, I don't think there should've been anything like that involved,” she told News On 6.

Sources: Daily Mail, News On 6 / Photo credit: Daily Mail 

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