Oklahoma Teen Sentenced To Life Behind Bars For Murdering Australian Baseball Player Because He Was 'Bored'

An Oklahoma teen was sentenced on June 16 to life in prison without the possibility for parole. Chancey Allen Luna, now 18, was 16 years old when he murdered college student Chris Lane, simply because he was “bored.”

Lane's murder quickly became known around the world as a "thrill killing" after the police chief of Duncan, Oklahoma, revealed that the motive of the killers was boredom. Lane, an Australian, was attending college in Oklahoma on a baseball scholarship. Prosecutors told the jury the teen’s motive is unknown.

Luna and Michael DeWayne Jones, then 17, gunned down the 22-year-old student from Australia while he was out jogging, Aug. 16, 2013.

Luna was convicted of first-degree murder in April, despite the defense’s attempts to use Luna’s age at the time of the shooting to explain his decisions. Although the defense insisted that 16-year-olds “take stupid, senseless, thoughtless actions,” and claimed that the boy had only been trying to scare the jogger, jurors chose a life term with no parole for the teen.

District Court Judge Ken Graham upheld the jury’s recommendation, reported Inquisitr, and handed down the life sentence.

The only possible sentence for Luna other than life without parole was a life term with parole as a possibility when Luna was in his 50s, reported The Oklahoman. Graham reportedly said he found no reason to depart from the more severe verdict of the jury.

Prosecutors claim that on the day of the murder, the teens were determined to kill someone and chose Lane as their victim.

Lane was visiting his girlfriend when he was shot in the back of the head in a drive-by shooting just before 3 p.m. Luna admitted to taking the fatal shot at Lane and also said he was part of a gang and sold drugs for a living after dropping out of high school.

The Oklahoman reports that the teen told the probation officer who prepared a presentence report for the shooting that he had been involved in the Rolling 90 Crips gang for three years. At his sentencing, Luna reportedly wore the words “Crips For Life” on the back pocket of his jail clothes.

Sources: Inquisitr, The Oklahoman

Photo Credit: Nine News Australia/Twitter


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