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Oklahoma Tattoo Shop Under Fire For Refusing To Serve Police

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An Oklahoma tattoo shop has come under fire after announcing that it won’t serve police anymore. 

“Until further notice, patch holders riding motorcycles and wearing their MC patch receive a 25 percent discount on all tattoos at Norman Tattoo,” the Facebook post read. “Police will not be served. Thanks!”

In a message, a representative of the tattoo shop noted that recent events in Waco, Texas, had led the business to make the “unfortunate decision” of refusing service to police. The decision is a reference to a recent rival gang shootout that occurred, leaving nine people dead and at least 18 injured. The shootout also led to the arrest of almost 200 bikers.

Owner of the tattoo shop, Frank Robinson, reportedly blamed the recent shootout between biker gangs on police brutality, noting that he no longer feels safe around officers.

“The fact that police are admittedly in possession of video of the entire event, yet have not released it, is more than a little frightening,” Robinson noted. “They seem to bring chaos and intimidation everywhere they go.”

According to Robinson, he has been threatened and insulted by people on Facebook and through phone calls for his decision.  

A sign prohibiting police from entering is also placed outside the shop.

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Sources: The Blaze, News On 6 / Photo Credit: The Blaze


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