Oklahoma Suspect Used Toddler Son To Block Taser: Police


An Oklahoma domestic disturbance suspect allegedly used his son to block police from using a stun gun on him Friday.

Tulsa police say Change Jonathan Taylor, 27, choked his girlfriend until she passed out. She told authorities he wouldn’t let her leave their apartment.

When police arrived at the residence, Taylor was allegedly uncooperative and held up a blanket “to defeat a Taser deployment.”

An officer pulled the blanket away and Taylor then picked up the toddler and held him up instead, the arrest report says.

The arresting officer managed to get the toddler away and Taylor was Tasered twice, KOTV reported.

His girlfriend, who was not identified, reportedly had visible contusions and scratches on her face and neck. One of her eyes was swollen shut, according to an arrest report.

Taylor faces charges of domestic assault and battery by strangulation, kidnapping, resisting arrest, domestic assault and battery and assault on a police officer.

Sources: KOTV, U.S. Radio News

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons / Kate Ter Haar 


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