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Oklahoma Students Say School Superintendent Called Girls "Skanks"

Members of a high school community in Oklahoma are calling for a school superintendent to resign after she reportedly called students “skanks” for wearing short skirts and shorts.

Superintendent Ronda Bass also reportedly made girls bend over at school so she could examine their skirt lengths, according to the Daily Mail.

Bass has said that her goal was to “protect” students at Noble High School because she saw some of them straying from the dress code on the first day of school.

“As I was greeting the children coming in I knew we had a major, major problem on our hands,” Bass told KFOR. “The first question I asked was, ‘How many of you in here believe that there are female students on the campus today that are dressed completely inappropriate?’ Most of their hands went up.”

But students describe the school assembly and Bass’s behavior differently. They said that she used inappropriate language and tried to humiliate students for their clothes.

“Have any of you guys seen anybody around here dressed like a skank? If you can feel your skin on the bleachers then you’re showing your a**. And I don’t want to see anybody's a** hanging out of their shorts,” Bass allegedly said, according to student Katelynn Hill and KOCO.

Sophie Stephens said she felt that Bass criticized her even though she was dressed appropriately. She added that Bass was intrusive, asking students to bend over so she could check their clothes.

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“She told us to go out into the hallway and I actually watched her ask one of my classmates to bend over so she could see how short her shorts are,” Sophie told KOCO.

Bass has denied the accusations but admitted to being strict about dress code.

“I wouldn't have chosen this job unless I was willing to take on some of the stresses of it,” she said. “I want us to be known as the classy lady Bears.”

Source: Daily Mail


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