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Oklahoma Police Shooting Caught On Video

Police in Muskogee, Oklahoma, have released a body camera video of Officer Chansey McMillin shooting and killing Terence Walker near the Old Agency Baptist Church on Jan. 17.

In the video (below), Officer McMillin approaches Walker in the church parking lot. Officer McMillin attempts to pat down Walker, noted the New York Daily News.

Suddenly, Walker runs away and Officer McMillin follows. Walker stops running, appears to pick something up and runs off again. Officer McMillin fires several shots, hitting Walker, who falls into a ditch on the side of the road.

A man later identified as the church pastor runs up and begs Officer McMillin not to shoot Walker anymore. Officer McMillin repeatedly tells the pastor, "Get back!"

According to, a loaded gun was found by police on Walker's body.

Sgt. Mike Mahan claimed that Walker had threatened his ex-girlfriend, who was inside the church for a wedding, repeatedly during the day.

However, Walker's mother painted a different picture of her son.

“This wasn’t his nature,” Cassandra Walker told “He was non-violent, he loved life and he loved his family, friends and his girlfriend. He was a calm person.”


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Image Credit: Muskogee Police Screenshot


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