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Oklahoma Police Officer Narrowly Escapes Being Crushed Between Two Cars (Video)

An Oklahoma police officer had a narrow escape after a car crashed into the back of his cruiser during a routine traffic stop -- almost crushing him.

The Midwest City officer had just pulled over a different driver on the highway when another vehicle sped toward his patrol car, the Daily Mail reported.

His car was totaled, but he ended up walking away unharmed because the car swerved away from him when the collision happened.

The footage shows Sergeant Brad Rummell approaching a car he had pulled over. He tells the driver to put on their seat belt, then walks back to his own patrol car to fill out a report.

That’s when he sees another driver heading straight for him.

Sgt. Rummell ran for the safety of the curb before the car crashed into him and the driver he had stopped for a traffic violation.

“He saw her on her phone that’s how he knew she wasn’t going to stop,” Midwest City Police Chief Brandon Clabes told KFOR. “By the grace of God, we’re lucky we didn’t lose an officer that day.”

“She admitted she was on her telephone and that she was in a hurry to get where she was going and not paying attention,” Clabes said.

Police say the driver was traveling in the same lane as the traffic stop, but because she was on her cell phone, she didn’t see the police car until it was too late.

It is believed that Rummell’s training saved his life. When Rummell parked, Clabes said he turned the tires away from the curb.

“When she hit the back of the patrol car, it probably veered it at an angle away from Sgt. Rummell as he was running between the cars,” Clabes said.

The cars involved in the accident were totaled, and the distracted driver was cited for inattentive driving. Two people were taken to the hospital although Rummell was not one of them.


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