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Oklahoma Police Dashcam Evidence Shows Officers Kicking Drunk Driver In The Face (Video)

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New video evidence obtained from a camera placed on the dashboard of a police squad car demonstrates that police officers kicked a drunk driver in the face as he was subdued on the ground. 

The incident occurred when four officers from the Miami, Oklahoma police department pulled over 36-year-old Jerry Payne during a traffic stop for driving drunk on the highway. 

The video evidence is significant because it directly contrasts with the arrest report written by Officer Theresa Lashment. In her report, Lashmont wrote that “Mr. Payne exited the truck, then got back in and asked "what the f*ck did I do?” according to the Daily Mail. 

In the video, however, Payne is pulled from his truck and pushed onto the ground, as another officer arrives and proceeds to kick him in the head. At least Lashment’s report accurately described that situation by stating, “Officer Myers then arrived on the scene and assisted me in getting control of Payne.” 

Payne’s attorney Josh Lee spoke candidly to News On 6 about the situation, describing the video evidence’s use in demonstrating the alleged abuse towards his client. “Dash cam is the only thing that’s going to try to set the record straight. I am such a believer in them because of things like this, and because I think the public has to know what their government is doing,” Lee said. 

Lee also claimed that he made the video evidence public because he believes that all individuals have the right to know how their law enforcement officials treat their fellow citizens. The Miami police chief claimed that the officers depicted in the video have been suspended without pay as the investigation continues, but did not elaborate on the investigation. 

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