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Investigator: Mother Walked In On Man Molesting Her Children

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A man in Oklahoma was arrested after a mother said she walked in on him molesting her children.

According to investigators, Eric Absher was caught molesting the woman’s children while they were visiting their grandmother’s house. 

“There’s not any more serious of a crime, in my opinion, against humanity to molest a small child. We are talking 4-, 5- and 6-year-olds,” Stephens County Sheriff Wayne McKinney said. “They don’t need to be running the streets, they need to be put away for the rest of their life.”

The children’s mother said she walked in on Absher touching her children, quickly grabbed a pool stick and began beating him, reports KFOR. She chased Absher from the home.

“He was able to stop a passerby saying ‘this woman was crazy.’ Not knowing what had just occurred and that guy takes him away from the scene,” McKinney said.

Absher was identified through tips from the public and ultimately tracked down by police, reports KSWO. At the time of his arrest, he was out on bail after being arrested in February for reportedly exposing himself to a child and trying to force the child to touch him.

“He's a very dangerous individual, especially to children and I think he's proved that,” McKinney said. 

Absher will reportedly face up to 12 charges that include seven counts of lewd acts with a child and one count of exposing a child to pornographic material.

Sources: KFOR, KSWO

Photo Credit: Screenshot via KFOR


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