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Oklahoma Mother Now A 'Quad-Amputee' After Vacation Trip

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Tragedy struck for an Oklahoma family after a vacation trip left a mother of two confined to a hospital bed.

Jo Rogers had just finished visiting Grand Lake, Oklahoma, with her family when she came down with what she thought was the flu. Her family took her to hospital on July 9, less than a week after she started feeling sick.

“She was shaking her hands because they hurt; her feet hurt,” her cousin Lisa Morgan told KOCO. “They tested her for West Nile virus and for meningitis.”

By the sixth day of being sick, Rogers's organs began to shut down.

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“By Saturday morning, her arms and feet were turning dark blue and black,” said the cousin. “It was crawling up her limbs.”

Medical officials soon realized Rogers had been bitten by a tick. The bite, which occurred during her vacation, infected the mother with Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

According to Oklahoma State Department of Health, the condition is a bacterial infection that can be treated successfully with an immediate regimen of antibiotics. But doctors were too late for Rogers and had to amputate her arms and legs.

“Below the knee of her left leg, and below both elbows of her arms,” Morgan said. “(They had) to save her life to keep the infection from getting to her vital organs.”

The family has since set up a GoFundMe account to help raise money to help her with issues that may arise from being a quad-amputee.

“She’s a beautiful, energetic fun person,” her cousin said. “I mean nobody deserves this.”

Source: KOCO, Oklahoma State Department of Heath, GoFundMe / Photo credit: GoFundMe


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