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'It's Really A Scam': Oklahoma Woman Accused Of Selling Her Baby To Two Different Couples

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An Oklahoma mother is facing felony charges after allegedly attempting to sell her baby to two different couples.

An investigation against Alicia Sweeney began four years ago after an adoptive couple in Maryland called the Oklahoma City Police Department to report that they’d been scammed by a birth mother, KFOR reported.

The couple, Michael and Alexandra Walker, turned out not to be the only people conned by Sweeney. Further investigation revealed that the woman was paid by both the Walkers and Florida couple Milutin and Mirjana Jeftic, during her pregnancy to give up her baby after the child was born. 

“During the course of her pregnancy, they paid between $16,000 and $19,000 in living expenses and in some of her doctors appointments,” OCPD Capt. Paco Balderrama said, according to KFOR.

The baby was born in 2011, and the Jeftics took the child home with them. The Walkers were left empty-handed, despite paying thousands of dollars towards Sweeney’s medical care and adoption fees.

“The crime comes in when you basically make an agreement with two different people,” Balderrama said. “Although the charge is trafficking a child. It's really a scam. It's fraud because you are promising two sets of families that you are going to allow them to adopt your baby."

Finally, after four years of investigation, Alicia Sweeney was arrested. She’d been on the run since 2011. 

“It's against the law in our state and several other states,” Balderrama said. “You can't do that. It comes down to almost selling your kid."

Sweeney appeared in court on Tuesday, and faces one felony charge for child trafficking. 

Police believe that Sweeney's baby is still with the Jeftic family.

Sweeney’s arrest came after a similar incident in Cleveland involving a 25-year-old who attempted to sell her 10-month-old daughter for $500.

Sources: KFOR, Daily Mail

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